Sebastian Rotella



María Gato plays the Spanish blues.  Her paintings have a melancholy musical soul.  They sing of an artistic odyssey:  Brazil, Barcelona, Miami, Madrid.  María is a wanderer in the tradition of her native Galicia, rainswept region of immigrants and poets, witches and fishermen.  Her Galician and Brazilian roots echo in her wistful, evocative tone, the muted reds and golds tinged with a nostalgia known in Galicia as “morriña,” in Brazil as “saudade.”  Like most wanderers, María is a watcher.  She captures scenes of everyday grace: the lethal intimacy of a boxing match.  The workmanlike rapture of an aging orchestra conductor.  The matter-of-fact sensuality of human figures. María’s melodies on canvas come from a land of painters.  And they have the charm that makes today’s Spain irresistible: a blend of tradition and innovation, introspection and passion, sun and shadow.


Sebastian Rotella

Los Angeles Times' Paris Bureau Chief

Exhibit at the Inter-American Development Bank

Washington, DC -- 2002

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